Buying your first home is universally daunting, prepared or not. To help you feel as calm and confident as possible when making the decision to enter the property market we have put together our top tips for buying home no.1.


Get rid of excess debt.

Make your home loan your top priority by ridding yourself of all other debts such as credit cards, car finance or personal loans. This will help you remain focused and your unlikely to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to get into good saving routines before you take out your mortgage and part of that is learning to live within your means.


Know your limits and avoid over extending.

When looking for a home make a list of things that are must haves and get an idea of what properties with these features are valued at. Having an understanding of these factors will ensure that you don’t get tempted by homes that don’t necessarily suit your plan and expectations. Finding a home within your limit will help to keep you calm and still allow you to enjoy a healthy work life balance without feeling overwhelmed.


When looking at homes check everything!

Don’t be afraid to question and test everything and anything when buying a home. Buying your first home should be a positive experience and finding out about structural faults, water damage, or issues with pests after the purchase could be costly at a time when you’re already financially stretched.


Make sure you know all the costs.

When deciding on what you can afford make sure to consider all the additional costs that come with buying a home. These can include solicitor’s fees, mortgage insurance, transfer fees, stamp duty, inspection reports etc. At the same time ensure that you research all available state grants to minimize these costs.


Consider a mortgage broker.

When buying your first home its more important than ever to surround yourself with expert knowledge. A mortgage broker can not only navigate the process and fill in all the forms for you but also help to talk over any doubts or concerns you have about your financial situation, deposit or limits.


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