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Theo Chambers

Chief Executive Officer

Behind most entrepreneurs there’s an interesting backstory, and Theo Chambers is no different.

Growing up around family members who owned and ran their own successful businesses and being what his parents called a ‘natural negotiator’ from a very young age, it was in some ways inevitable that Theo would end up starting his own company.

Fast forward to Theo needing a job and recognising that experience in sales would hold him in good stead no matter what he eventually decided to do, he began selling Foxtel door-to-door.

And then, one day, he just happened to knock on the front door of the home belonging to the Retail Banking National Manager of the Commonwealth Bank. Theo sold him Foxtel. The National Manager offered him a job.

Theo moved into mortgage broking, learning from the ground up, having the benefit of several significant mentors who taught him ‘all the stuff you can’t learn in a book.’

He loved that mortgage broking was a dynamic, growing industry and, over time, developed a real passion for the profession.

Through many years of working with clients, Theo could see a gap in the broking market – for a firm that worked in partnership with both real estate agents and buyers.

“There’s an entrenched perception that the agent is always working for the vendor. Buyers often feel quite unsupported. We realised that we could bridge the gap, because the broker is the pivotal person in the middle. The broker works with the agent, the buyer and the lender, so when the broker has strong working relationships with all parties, then the sales process runs much more smoothly for everyone involved.”

With a passion for customer service and seeing his team succeed, Theo says Shore Financial heavily invests in training and ongoing professional development and in creating a culture that is supportive and highly motivating.

“People do business with people. There’s a lot of talk about technology disrupting the industry – and it most definitely has a place in terms of streamlining processes and providing robust reporting, but buying property is a ‘people-oriented business’ and it can be an emotional business, especially if it’s a home to live in. Every single situation is different. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’… so, understanding all the lending options, negotiating with agents and problem solving is a human element, that I don’t think can, or ever will, be replaced.

A lot of the people who’ve come on this journey with me since we opened our doors are friends and there’s a really great energy in the office – an energy that’s infectious. It’s really a great place to be on a daily basis. We are all individually driven, but we collaborate and know the benefit of having a strong, diverse skill set. When there’s a particularly interesting problem, we all pitch in with potential solutions.

The property market will always move in cycles; there will be boom times and downturns, but everyone deserves a home if they want one, as well as the opportunity to build wealth through property investment if that’s what they choose. As brokers, we have an important role to play in helping clients to understand their financial options and to help them make responsible financial decisions that improve their lives now and over the long term.”

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