Finding the right finance for your commercial investment or business can be a minefield. That’s why we can provide you with access to commercial and business loan solutions from lenders across Australia. We’ll guide you through selecting the loan with the right features and options for your business.

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Whether you need funds for starting up a business or growing your existing business, a Shore Financial broker can find the loan that’s right for you.

What to consider with a commercial loan?

When choosing a loan for your business, some key considerations that will affect the choices available to you include:

  • How comprehensive is your business plan and market research
  • What competitor analysis have you done
  • Your past history of business success
  • Your individual financial history and level of personal debt
  • Your ability to provide assets (such as the family home) as loan security
  • Will the loan be used for purchasing physical assets eg property, machinery, vehicles or other equipment

A Shore Financial broker can help you to understand the loan criteria and what the potential risks and liabilities are for both your business and you as an individual. We’ll help you to weigh up loan features and options to get the best rates and conditions that suit your circumstances and the requirements of your business.

What will you need to secure a commercial loan?

Criteria vary widely among business loan providers. A Shore Financial broker can help to guide you through the process. However, as a starting point, you should consider collecting the following documents to assist with your business loan application:

  • Contract of sale for commercial premises
  • Valuation documents or quotes for machinery, vehicles and other equipment
  • Business plan and financial projections, including market and competitor assessment
  • Business financial records for the past two financial reporting years
  • Personal financial records for the past two financial reporting years
  • Valuation documents for any personal assets offered as loan security

Ready to start your commercial loan application?

Call Shore Financial on 1300 416 700 to arrange an appointment with one of our commercial and business lending specialists. After an initial discussion to determine your needs, we can come to you to go through your loan options in person.

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