Awards recognise the strength of the Shore Financial team

Awards recognise the strength of the Shore Financial team

Industry awards recognise the ‘best of the best’...

They also ensure that the broking industry, as a whole, grows responsibly and sustainably, maintaining a programme of continuous improvement.

It’s been a big year for Shore Financial. Many individual brokers have picked up prestigious industry awards for their personal contributions to the profession throughout 2018, and the company itself was recently awarded as Australia’s Best Independent Brokerage at the Australian Mortgage Awards.

The company was also awarded ‘Most Effective Online Presence’.

There’s no doubt that this kind of high-profile industry recognition gives existing and potential clients increased confidence in who we are and what we do. But there’s also more to it than that, awards keeps us, as a firm, inspired, continuously striving, aiming to be the best we can be.

Behind the Shore Financial brand, we have more than 50 dedicated people who all bring a unique skill set to our dynamic team and each has a pivotal role to play in this young and fast-growing company. Our diversity is our strength and since opening our doors in 2013, we have assembled a team whose backgrounds, career histories and experience give us an incredible source of knowledge and expertise to draw upon as we work together to solve problems for clients.

Mortgage broking

Mortgage broking is a pivotal part of the financial industry landscape in Australia.

Since the mid-1980s, mortgage broking has provided free services to borrowers, and over time, broking has played an important role in making the mortgage market work more efficiently and effectively for those who use it.

Brokers have provided consumers with independent information about mortgage products, and, as such, have facilitated more transparency in the sector around jargon and lending options. Brokers have also impacted greater competition amongst lenders, and have educated consumers to become the sophisticated borrowers they now are.

The demand for mortgage brokers has grown against the backdrop of a strong economy and a booming property market, as many Australians have embraced broking services to borrow and invest wisely in property to grow their wealth for the long term.

The 2018 report by Deloitte Access Economics on the value of the Mortgage Broking Industry in Australia states that mortgage brokers now arrange more loans than lenders directly, and that when surveyed, more than 90% of mortgage broker customers were satisfied by the service provided.

This industry-wide customer satisfaction figure in particular sets a high benchmark for all brokers working in the profession right now. At Shore Financial we have built a strong portfolio of clients and repeat business, through our commitment-to-customer-service.

Responsible lending

Meeting needs through responsible lending

But, we also know that we are only as good as our clients say we are, and as Australians become much more savvy with their borrowing and better informed about the lending landscape, we have seen their needs and expectations ever-increasing.

For this reason, we have formed strategic alliances with multiple real estate networks, established an insurance and

financial planning division, a commercial finance division, a legal arm and a car and asset finance division.

In recent times the entire financial sector has been under greater scrutiny, and this is a good thing. In Australia we have a very robust financial industry, because of the relatively high level of regulation we have in place. This is for the benefit of everyone – industry players and consumers alike. And ongoing debates about how the sector can improve is vital.

Industry Awards too, also ensure the continual improvement of the profession as year after year, individuals and firms strive to be recognised for their efforts.

At Shore Financial we have an ethos of integrity, openness and accountability. We believe that we have a significant economic, social and moral responsibility to ensure the ongoing financial wellbeing of people, families and our wider community.

By and large, the Australian culture still centres around dreams of property ownership and we want to make that happen for all our clients, ensuring that their financial commitments are commensurate with their earnings and that bills can be paid without stress. For us, that’s not just about making sure the numbers stack up, it’s about helping clients to completely understand contracts, repayments, and fees and charges and are presented with a range of scenarios applicable to their personal circumstances.

We’re truly honoured that our peers and the wider industry has recognised our commitment and desire to contribute to the Australian mortgage broking profession as industry leaders across a range of initiatives.

And we dedicate these awards our clients who keep us challenged, motivated, and, above all, in business, doing what we love.

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