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Commercial Loans

Commercial and business loans

It’s not easy finding the right finance for your commercial investment or business and it can be tricky, time consuming and confusing. And again, you’ll probably be asked to jump through hoops.

There’s a good reason Shore Financial is the fastest growing mortgage brokerage in Australia. We’ll provide you with access to commercial and business loan solutions from leading lenders across Australia…


Find the right loan, at the right rate for your business.

Starting up… or scaling up?

If you’re ready to consider a commercial or business loan, there are some key questions you need to ask yourself first:

Have you done your research? Is it comprehensive?
Have you analysed your competitors?
Have you evaluated your history of business performance?
Have you analysed your financial history and level of personal debt?
Are you able to provide assets as personal security?
Will you be using the loan for purchasing physical assets (i.e. machinery, vehicles etc)?

We’ll help you understand the loan criteria and potential risks and liabilities for both your business and you as an individual. And we’ll work with you to navigate, evaluate and understand the many different loan features and options to get the best rates and conditions that suit your circumstances and the requirements of your business.

Shore Financial can help you
hit your property goals

    Ready to apply for a commercial loan?

    Criteria vary widely among business loan providers. Here at Shore, our access to over 30 different lenders puts us in a unique position with a high-level perspective – so we’re able to guide you through the process and offer a carefully considered strategy to maximise your opportunities.

    As a starting point, you should consider collecting the following documents to assist with your business loan application:

    • Contract of sale for commercial premises
    • Valuation documents or quotes for machinery, vehicles and other equipment
    • Business plan and financial projections, including market and competitor assessment
    • Business financial records for the past two financial reporting years
    • Personal financial records for the past two financial reporting years
    • Valuation documents for any personal assets offered as loan security


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