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Lewis Halliday

Credit Adviser

Lewis’ philosophy centres around one key principle, and that is ‘having a solid financial knowledge is the key to achieving financial independence.’ And it’s for this reason mainly, that he loves mortgage broking.

Walking his clients through the details and helping them to understand the process helps them to better understand their own financial position.

“I aim to coach and to educate whenever I can. I have an advisory role in a complex industry. In the past few years the lending landscape has changed significantly. I think, right now, with the industry in the spotlight, regulation, reporting and compliance are just going to come more into focus. This is a good thing, and I see my job as helping clients to understand what their position is, what they’re agreeing to, the jargon in contracts, the options available. This helps them make decisions that are right for them.”

Having been a pharmacist prior to joining Shore Financial, Lewis has people-skills in abundance.

He is easy to talk to – and a good listener. He also has a keen eye for detail and a genuine desire to help people.

He also hails from Tasmania – and this is reflected in his ‘calm, can do’ attitude.

“In pharmacy, I came across a lot of people stressed about their health and I saw my job as trying to help them as much as I could. The parallel with broking is that I sometimes come across people who are stressed about money. And I know that I can make a difference by keeping things simple and explaining how things work.

When it comes to property – which is the biggest financial commitment people are going to make – knowledge is power. And now, more so than in pharmacy, I get to build long-term relationships with clients and help them not just with the first one, but the second one, too. It’s rewarding to know that I can play a part in helping them as the years go by.”

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