Lachlan Miller
Sales Support / Junior Adviser

‘Tenacious’ is a good word to describe Lachlan Miller. He applied for, and landed, his first job at just 12 years of age at a well-known surf store on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

It was a commission-based retail sales role and while Lachlan was the envy of most of his mates, he says he actually never made any money – he was constantly eyeing up the next surfboard or buying clothes.

But, he says, he learned many valuable lessons from several years of working at the store part-time after school and on weekends. His first boss taught him a lot about customer service etiquette, especially the importance of listening, understanding what people want and having a thorough knowledge of your product range so you can meet their needs.

Fast Forward to 2018 and Lachlan has joined Shore Financial in a support role as a junior broker. He is currently completing his Degree in Commerce (Finance and Economics) part-time.

“The opportunity to join Shore Financial was very attractive for me as I’m gaining experience in this early stage of my career… and broking is changing so fast right now. Rates are moving, the market is slowing but many clients are actively looking for first homes and investments. I’m meeting some great people. I’m learning a lot.”

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