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Joshua El-Bayeh

Credit Adviser

With a decade of experience managing hospitality businesses, Joshua excels in delivering top-tier customer service under pressure. HIs passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals and unwavering commitment to professionalism make him a trusted partner in their financial envdeavours. 

 CR 530485 | ACL 501018

After a decade of operating and managing hospitality businesses, Joshua brings a wealth of invaluable experience in the realms of customer service and thriving under high-pressure environments. This extensive background has equipped him with a unique skill set and a profound understanding of the importance of delivering excellence in every client interaction.

Over the last few years, Joshua has transitioned to the brokerage industry, and he is now more motivated than ever to secure the most desirable outcomes for his clients. His hospitality experience has instilled in him the art of understanding and exceeding customer expectations, which has proven to be an asset in his new career.

“I derive great satisfaction form engaging with customers and assisting them in achieving their financial goals,” Joshua states passionately. His genuine enjoyment of people, coupled with a deep commitment to their well-being, fuels his dedication to the industry. Joshua has a remarkable ability to make customers feel entirely at ease when working with him, instilling a sense of trust and reliability that forms the bedrock of his professional relationships.

What sets Joshua apart is his unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. He takes pride in consistently performing at the pinnacle of his abilities and consistently delivers results that exceed expectations. He is deeply committed to acting in the best interests of his clients, putting their needs and objectives at the forefront of his approach.


Joshua’s journey is marked by a passion for not only achieving success but also fostering long-lasting relationships with his clients. His primary focus is to serve as a trusted advisor and partner in their financial endeavors. As a testament to his dedication and commitment to the field, Joshua holds himself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, ensuring that his clients receive the best possible guidance and support on their financial journey.


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