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Investing in your family home – why you need to play the long game

Family home

Conventional advice is that your family home should not be considered an investment. After all, it’s primary purpose is to provide a safe haven for your family.

But whether or not you agree, your family home is often your most significant asset and can in fact be a good investment – even properties bought at the wrong time in the wrong market.

Unlike properties purchased to be your home, investment properties are bought with the numbers in mind.

There’s little emotion involved. In contrast, when buying a family home, buyers will do due diligence, but there are often many personal reasons for buying a property that cannot be quantified. How the property feels to you and your family, what makes it special to you – these are the reasons why you call it your home.

But given enough time – usually at least 10 years or more – a family home that was viewed as a poor investment has the potential to become a profitable element of your financial portfolio.

Even if you buy your home at the top of the market, any dips in value that you may experience, will generally even out given enough time.

To find out more about how the team at Shore Financial can help you to secure the right loan, or to give you the right advice to achieve your financial goals, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Investing in your family home


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