How referrals from real estate agents can help a buyer secure the perfect property.

“Shore Financial adds a lot of value to clients that are buying and selling. … Customers come to me and say, ‘Thanks so much for putting me in contact with Shore. They’re just wonderful and they’ve even got me a better rate than my existing bank by stepping in and becoming involved.’” – Anthony Puntigam, Real Estate Agent – Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

Anthony Puntigam

Why referrals work

So, you’ve found the perfect property. It’s in the right area, for the right price and the vendors are motivated to sell. The only snag is you thought you had all your finances in place but… it turns out you don’t. Your bank can’t move fast enough on your loan approval and your dream home becomes someone else’s.

It’s a scenario that leading Sydney real estate agent, Anthony Puntigam, sees all too often. Anthony, who works in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with Phillips Pantzer Donnelley has found that a good solution to this problem is to refer buyers to mortgage brokers he trusts, like Shore Financial.

“We want to be dealing with people who can purchase property,” says Anthony. “Shore Financial is fantastic at getting those clients and customers into a position where they can actually purchase property because they have their pre-approval in place.”

It’s a win-win situation, allowing Anthony to focus on obtaining the best outcomes for his client, the vendor, but at the same time making sure the buyer is in good hands.

“We refer our clients on to Shore if they require finance,” says Anthony. “Those clients are interested in getting the best rates in the market and the best terms for those rates. Also, the majority of people in the marketplace are very time poor, so they want a team of professionals to step in and get the job done as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Our experience is that Shores are the best ones at that, in their marketplace.”


Shore Financial: the real estate agent’s choice

Anthony Puntigam has been selling properties in Sydney for over 25 years and over that time has achieved numerous accolades, record sales and a loyal, ever-expanding client base.

Like all of the best real estate agents, his success is built on his reputation, so any referral he makes to potential buyers is carefully considered. Anthony is confident to recommend Shore because he has experienced the Shore Financial difference first-hand as a client of Senior Credit Adviser, Charlie Loveridge.

“I speak from a personal perspective,” says Anthony, “because Charlie Loveridge and the guys at Shore handle my interests in the market. They’re constantly coming to me saying, ‘We just want to have a look at your current rates again because we feel that we can squeeze a better rate from your existing lender.’ So, they’re effectively always trying to add value by saving money and by having a bit of a financial health check to know that we’re receiving the best benefit that we can in the marketplace.”

Anthony sees his ongoing relationship with Charlie and the team at Shore as presenting long-term value to him on a personal level.

“Charlie and the Shore team are incredibly switched on,” says Anthony. “They’re incredibly professional and incredibly intelligent. I learnt many years ago that you want to surround yourself with a team that are experts in their chosen field. Charlie and the team at Shore are expert in their field. I’ll always be doing business with Charlie and he’ll be always looking after my best interests.”

Brokers work for you

For Anthony, working with a mortgage broker makes perfect sense because he knows that they have his best interests at heart. But he can’t say the same for the big banks who he sees as having an inherent conflict of interest in their business model.

Brokers Work For You

“The banks have a vested interest in making as much money as possible from the client, because that benefits their employer and they may receive a bonus based on how much money they actually make from that client,” explains Anthony. “Whereas on the flip side, with an independent brokerage like Shore Financial, their vested interest is the client. So, they’re wanting to save the client as much money as possible and find them the best loan.”

Anthony also sees the benefit of using a mortgage broker as an investor or when refinancing, as currently, banks don’t necessarily reward their loyal customers.

“I’ve found also over the years,” says Anthony, “that even when you’re dealing with your own bank that you have bank accounts with and you may even have, let’s say a mortgage with, if you’re wanting to go back and get another mortgage because you’re buying another property or whatever the case might be, you’re not actually getting as good a rate in the market as what someone else would, who’s going to the same lender for the first time. Effectively, what that means is, that as an existing client, you’re actually in fact becoming discriminated against because you’re a loyal customer of that institution. To me, and I’m sure to a lot of others in the marketplace, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

Shore to the Rescue-

Shore to the rescue

Anthony gives an example of one of his clients, a buyer who was interested in a terrace he was selling in Woollahra and ran into problems getting funding in place.

“She’d been messed around with that particular bank over a period of a few months,” explains Anthony, “and she was finding it very frustrating. She was unable to
purchase any property because the bank hadn’t put her in a position where she had a pre-approval in place. I realised that she needed some assistance in the market.”

This is when Puntigam suggested she contact Shore Financial right away.

“Because these guys are so good at what they do, they stepped in and within a period of one or two days, had her on track, had her in a position to make an offer for a property. The end result is that she bought the property that she wants to live in for a long, long time. She’s a very, very happy client, and she’s got her Saturdays back because she’s now moved into a fantastic house with her family.”

Keeping the referral relationship transparent

As a real estate agent, Anthony’s is committed to finding the best possible price for his vendor. Helping a buyer to secure funding can help the sale go through, but as Anthony points out it’s important that confidentiality be respected on all sides.

“The relationship between the buyer and the broker – say Shore Financial – that’s a confidential one. That’s something that we as real estate agents don’t know anything about or are privy to,” explains Anthony. “But what we’re able to know is that that customer in the marketplace is getting looked after and we know they’re in safe hands.”

Everyone wins

It’s in everyone’s interests, the vendor, the agent and the buyer, that the prospective buyer is able to find pre-approved finance quickly. As Anthony points out, it would be counterproductive for him to refer clients to a broker that didn’t consistently achieve great results for their clients.

Shore are ahead of the curve in the market and quite frankly, they’re probably the safest option in the mortgage market.”

It’s why Anthony and many other Phillips Pantzer Donnelley agents have been referring Shore Financial to their clients.

“The client is assured that they’ve got the best rate in the market, the best terms and the best situation and package that suits them, more so than suiting the lender.”

We’d like to thank Anthony for sharing his insight and experience.

You can find out more about Shore Financial here and learn more about our team here.

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