Refinancing your home loan

Refinancing your home loan

When was the last time you took a good long hard look at your mortgage?

It’s easy to take a set and forget attitude when it comes to your mortgage. You may have hunted around at various times – you may have even jumped onto a home loan calculator, or tried a home loan comparison, but it probably became all too hard.

Careful consideration and a good strategy are needed to make sure you refinance at the right time, with the right loan product.

Right time to refinance

Is now the right time to refinance?

Refinancing could make sense when:

  • Your lender’s rate is no longer competitive
  • A major change has occurred in your financial situation
  • You’re looking for more money to pay for something major like a home renovation, a child’s education, or another property investment
  • You want to switch to a fixed rate at an opportune time
  • You’ve started accumulating large credit card debts and want to consolidate

Refinancing may not make sense when:

  • You may not own the property for much longer
  • Prepayment penalties are high on the existing home loan
  • Your credit history has changed due to outstanding debts, making it less likely you’ll get a good rate
  • You don’t have a reliable source of income over the period of the loan (e.g. you’re freelancing)
  • Your loan balance is low and you don’t want to redraw on available equity
A competitive market

A competitive market

It’s true, the home loan market is incredibly competitive. There are many lenders vying for your business, and they’re all trying to outdo each other with the best interest rates, the cheapest home loans, the lowest fees or the best features.

We offer competitive rates too… but we offer so much more. Because it’s not just about interest rates…

We want to see you succeed as much as you do. This puts you in an ideal position as a borrower looking to refinance, and it puts us in an ideal position as a mortgage broker, helping you maximise opportunity through property strategy.

If you don’t think you’re making the most of your opportunities, you’re probably not. And you could potentially save thousands by speaking to Shore Financial about the very best strategy and the very best loan product for your unique financial position.

As Sydney’s fastest growing mortgage broker...

…we’ve developed a successful five-step process to make sure hardworking Australians take advantage of the superb opportunity owning property in Australia brings – regardless of whether it’s one property or four.

Read more about our process here.

Are you ready to find the right strategic home loan and maximise your potential?

Get in touch with Shore Financial today and maximise your opportunity through property!

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