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Don’t put your property dreams on hold…

Struggling to save a deposit? With a guarantor loan you may be able to borrow up to 105% of your property’s purchase price.

If you have someone in your life who can act as guarantor, a third-party home loan could be the perfect option for you. And the great news is, we know from experience that many people can remove the guarantee in 3 – 5 years.

At Shore Financial we have access to over thirty different lenders so you can rely on us to find the loan that’s the right fit for you – with the lowest possible rates.

What is a guarantor loan?

Many lenders allow a family member to help you to buy your own home by providing additional security. The person providing this assistance is known as a guarantor.

A guarantor allows the equity in his or her own property to be used as additional security for your loan.

Guarantors are generally limited to spouses or immediate family members. To use a guarantor, you must be able to service the entire loan on your income.

Does a guarantor need to secure the entire loan

Does a guarantor need to secure the entire loan?

No, they don’t; some lenders will allow a limited guarantee.

A limited guarantee simply means the guarantor only needs to secure a part of the loan, rather than the entire amount. This will benefit the guarantor from unnecessary risks, as they won’t be liable for the entire loan.

Read our Guarantor Loan FAQs here.

How do I get started

How do I get started?

Without a doubt, the best way to find the home loan solution that is right for you is to have a talk with one of the team at Shore Financial. In a free, confidential consultation we can help you find a solution that is best fitted to your unique circumstances.

If you decide a guarantor home loan is something you’d like to explore, you can start the conversation with your family member.

We always recommend that anyone considering being a guarantor for a property loan should seek independent legal and financial advice before accepting the role.

And remember, if a Guarantor Loan isn’t for you, there are still plenty of other options to consider. Learn more about low deposit home loans here.

Brokers work for you

Brokers work for you

At Shore Financial, we’re passionate about helping our clients build wealth through property. And that starts from your very first property. Tailored customer service, better than you’ll find with any other broker, is our promise to you.

We’ll also be by your side through the buying journey, making sure you understand the process every step of the way. Our success is tied to your prosperity – so you can be assured that your best interests are our number one focus.

Read our Guarantor Loans FAQs here.

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