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Whether you’re a first-home buyer, refinancing an existing property, or borrowing to invest, our unrivalled level of customer service ensures your property journey is smooth and supported throughout.

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Low rates are just the beginning

In addition to a good interest rate, each loan structure needs to be tailored for your individual circumstances – based on a sound financial strategy.

At Shore, we do exactly this. Did you know that the structure of your home loan has a massive impact on the amount of wealth you can create through property?

You need the right team with the right strategy. And at Shore Financial, we pride ourselves on our strategic advice.


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Purchasing a New Home Loan

Shore Financial helps you maximise opportunity through strategic home loans.

With access to over 30 lenders, our clients benefit from our ability to provide not only low rates, but to transact quickly at a time when applications are becoming more and more difficult. Whether you’re a first home buyer, refinancing an existing property, or borrowing to invest, our unrivalled level of customer service ensures a smooth and supported journey through this important transaction.

Why refinancing can save you thousands

  • Paying less: A lower interest rate can reduce your monthly repayments.
  • Paying back faster: Flexible terms put you in control of your repayments, allowing you to potentially cut years off your home loan.
  • Unlocking equity: Access the equity in your home to access cash when you need it. Fund your renovation, plan your next holiday or upgrade your car.
  • Taking control: Consolidating your other debts into your home loan can reduce interest rates and give you a clearer view of your finances.

What makes Shore Financial different


“We enjoy helping people. It’s simple. We’ve seen many people given the wrong advice on loan products. It gives us great satisfaction helping clients to optimise their finances and change their outcome.”

Theo Chambers, CEO

We founded Shore Financial because we realised that many time-poor Australians were buying property without adequate advice – their loans were structured poorly, and they weren’t making the most out of property ownership.

They simply weren’t being serviced by specialists with strategic home loan and financial services knowledge.

It’s our passion to be strategic and get you into the perfect home loan for your unique circumstances.

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Our specialist team has in-depth knowledge of the housing market, loan products and policies. We’ve built strong relationships with over 30 different lenders and have an intimate understanding of their loan products…

…so you’re not just stuck with one of the Big 4 Banks who will probably make you jump through hoops. Blindfolded.

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