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Fane Levy New

Fane Levy

Senior Credit Adviser

It’s hard to believe you’ll ever meet anyone as passionate about client service as Fane Levy. Delivering exceptional client service is his driving force.

After completing a degree in building management and property economics and embarking on a career in the field, Fane was hankering for something more people-oriented, sales-focused and challenging.

So, he started an online men’s footwear business from his garage. He sold 800 pairs of shoes in just three months, part time.

“Customer service,”  he says,  “is what helped make the business profitable quickly. In fact, customer service is the cornerstone of all business success and you provide excellent customer service by understanding people’s expectations and then meeting them in a timely way. 

I never, ever want a client to chase me,”  says Fane.  “If they are, I’m definitely not doing my job.”

Some years later, when mortgage broking came calling, Fane didn’t hesitate. These days his wife runs the footwear business, and Fane’s passion for customer service has turned from shoes to clients who need help finding a loan.

“It’s one thing selling comfortable shoes that look good,”  says Fane,  “but it’s quite another to help people secure their first home or grow their investment portfolios. Property makes the world go around, and brokers are central to that by helping people to find the finance they need to achieve their dreams and aspirations. It’s very satisfying. It’s such a dynamic industry too; it’s interesting to be part of.”

In a short time, Fane has achieved significant industry award recognition too, as an MPA ‘Young Gun’ in 2017, making the Advisors’ 2018 list of ‘Top 10 for Customer Service’ and also AFG’s Top 40 Brokers, 2018. He works with a range of clients from first home buyers to seasoned property investors, developers and those with commercial interests.


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