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Rachel Needed The Specialised Skillset Of A Company That Could Offer Mortgage Brokerage And Property Advice.

“When I first met Greg from Shore Financial I immediately felt a great deal of trust … I believed what he said and I knew he was the right person for us,”

– Rachel

Having the right broker

Advice you can trust

When Rachel and her husband were looking to buy a new property, they had some decisions to make.

Should they keep their existing property as an investment and get tenants in? Should they sell? What were the implications and how would it affect their borrowing capacity and financial situation?

“When I first met Greg from Shore Financial I immediately felt a great deal of trust … I believed what he said and I knew he was the right person for us,”  Rachel says.

“We were unsure about our next move and knew it was an important one. Greg analysed the situation and gave us some really good advice around both of these options.”

Advice you can trust

Shore Financial’s mission is to help you maximise opportunity and create wealth through property. They do this in a number of ways, including mortgage brokerage, financial planning and legal advice. The Shore Financial team carefully considers your unique position to put together a strategy for your success.

“When we met with Greg, a huge burden lifted. He let us know what would be possible.

The beautiful thing about Greg is that he really feels like a mate. He’s more than just a consultant. He’ll take calls at any hour and respond. When you’re going through the process of changing your financial situation, you can rely on him to be there for you.”

Greg Bishop

We worked through three different scenarios with Greg and the outcomes possible.

Greg and the team handled all the paperwork and process, which was such a relief.

“We spent a lot of time working on our budget, so we were comfortable with the decisions we’d made and the advice we’d received.

Greg knew what would work for our situation – and he was right.”

Rachel and her husband John are now in a strong financial position and have since refinanced – and are in the process of purchasing another property. They’re well on their way to creating wealth and maximising opportunities and are grateful they found Shore at the right time.

“We were uncertain and unsure about our decision making and we wanted some trustworthy advice from someone who knew what they were doing.”

Greg is not your typical mortgage broker, having worked in a vast range of other industries before joining the broking profession three years ago.

Greg Bishop

Senior Credit Adviser

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