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How Shore Financial Helped One First Home-Buyer Secure Her Dream Property

First home buyer Sophie

Buying a house should come with a manual!

– Sophie, first home buyer.

First home buyer Sophie

Buying your first home is a big step and arguably one of the most important you’ll make to build your personal wealth and secure your financial future.

It’s an exciting time but being a first home buyer can also be confusing, stressful and overwhelming – and like so many things in life, it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. That’s why we asked Sophie, a successful first home buyer, to share her story with us.

Sophie’s experience is a great example of how important it is to get advice from someone who has your best interests at heart.

Having the right mortgage broker on your side really can help you secure your first home mortgage and make your property dreams a reality.

Mortgage brokers work for you

Mortgage brokers work for you

Sophie’s experience at her bank left her even more confused about the home loan process and disappointed that no one there was offering to help her navigate the system.

But worst of all, the amount the bank told Sophie she could borrow was so small she didn’t feel there was any way she would be able to break into the competitive Sydney market. That’s when she turned to Shore Financial’s Terri Miller.

“The time and care Terri gave me was incredible,” says Sophie. “She made sure I absolutely understood the whole process. Every time I found a flat, I would email Terri and she would come back to me with feedback.”

Pre-approval is vital

For a lot of first-time buyers, it takes many months, even years, to get that first foot onto the property ladder. It only took Sophie two months to buy her apartment after her first meeting with Terri.

“Hilariously, I saw the place I ended up buying, for the first time on the day of the auction,” says Sophie. “Because Terri had prepared me thoroughly and we had all the paperwork in order, there was no problem. I was just able to go, “Actually, yes, this place is perfect and I want to buy it and I can. It made it seamless.”

Because Sophie had her loan pre-approval in place, she was able to move quickly to buy the property that was right for her. Pre-approval is a huge advantage when you are buying property. Not only does it give you confidence and a budget to work within, it also puts you in a much stronger negotiating position when you are competing with other buyers.

Terri Miller

Sophie recently bought her first property with the help of Shore Credit Adviser, Terri Miller.

Like so many first home buyers, Sophie really had no idea about the property market or how to go about securing a loan, when she started her property search.

“I had absolutely no idea which way was up in the whole process,” says Sophie. “I had tried to go and talk directly with the bank and they asked me a whole bunch of questions that were confusing and I walked out of there feeling that I had been dumped by a wave.”

The first thing you notice about Terri is that she is a fantastic conversationalist – warm, engaging, personable and quick to laugh.

More than a transaction

More than a transaction

What really impressed Sophie about working with Terri was it wasn’t just transactional.

Sophie felt that Terri had her best interests at heart – it wasn’t just about getting the deal done.

“Terri’s advice was both sound and thorough. It was not just, ‘Here’s the paperwork done’,” says Sophie, “her approach was really considered.”

Finding the right home loan is about so much more than just getting the lowest rate. It’s about choosing the right structure that both maximises your opportunity to grow wealth and works with your personal comfort level for debt.

For Sophie, having a fixed rate loan gave her confidence around managing her repayments.

It’s also important to not just set and forget about your mortgage. Engage a broker who will keep on top of your situation and review your loan on a regular basis, and who is committed to making sure you have the best loan for your circumstances.

“I like the idea of a fixed rate and Terri has just re-negotiated my mortgage after the first two years,” says Sophie. “She sent me through the best options, we talked them through and I just signed the piece of paper. It was amazing.”

Moving forward with confidence

For Sophie, the first step onto the property ladder has been a success. She not only has a beautiful home out of the experience, she also has a lot more knowledge about the property market.

“There’s a ton of things I’ve learnt about the market,” says Sophie. “And in terms of the practical financial stuff, working with Terri has given me a good grasp of all of that. She was calm about everything and gave me so much confidence.”

There’s even a chance that Sophie might start her own property portfolio some way down the track.

“I’d like to keep my apartment forever,” says Sophie, “because I’m sentimental like that. But I’ll definitely move on from it myself, personally.”

We’d like to thank Sophie for sharing her experience. We’re thrilled that buying her first property was such a positive experience and that she now has the confidence to think about building her financial future through property investment. It’s big change in perspective for a person who not so long ago walked out of the bank feeling like she’d been wiped out by a wave.

Moving forward with confidence

Key takeaways for first home buyers

Sophie’s story is exactly the type of success story that we are so proud of here at Shore Financial. It’s the perfect example of how our brokers work for you.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Sophie’s story that every first home buyer should consider before taking that step onto the property ladder:

  • The process isn’t always easy to navigate. Work with a broker who has your best interests in mind.
  • It’s not just about low rates – the structure of your loan is important. You can read more about home loan structures here.
  • Pre-approval is vital. Having your loan pre-approved puts you in a stronger buying position.
  • Don’t set and forget – review you loan regularly to make sure you are getting the best option for your circumstances.

As we all know, the Australian property market has softened over the past twelve months. Now is the perfect opportunity for first home buyers to enter the market. Contact the team at Shore Financial and let us help turn your property dreams into a reality.

You can find out more about Shore Financial’s process or read our First Home Buyer FAQs.


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