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How Shore Financial Helped A First Home Buyer Get Into The Property Market!

Help First Home Buyers

“I like straight talking, and Johan is a straight talker. He’s also very good at cutting through the jargon and explaining the complexities of the loan application in a very simple way,”


Having the right broker

Regaining trust

There’s no doubt that buying property can be stressful. For First Home Buyers, it is even more so, because it’s a complicated process, especially if you haven’t done it before.

So, when Celia was ready to buy an apartment, she didn’t hesitate to contact a mortgage broker.

But quite unforeseeably, several things went wrong.

Her relationship with the broker broke down, and Celia was left stranded halfway through the process.

At this point, the property agent suggested that she call Johan Overa from Shore Financial. Without hesitating, Johan stepped in.

He helped Celia to pick up the pieces of the abandoned negotiations and her loan application. But, in the end, despite everyone’s best efforts, the sale fell through.

Regaining trust

A few months later, quite by chance, Celia came across another property and liked it immediately. She called Johan, and asked him to manage her loan application for the new deal. Quickly, they forged a strong relationship.

Celia admits that after her original experience, she was left feeling a little daunted.

But she says Johan quickly gained her confidence with his open, honest communication and his obvious commitment to helping her to understand every step of the process.

“I like straight talking, and Johan is a straight talker. He’s also very good at cutting through the jargon and explaining the complexities of the loan application in a very simple way,”  she says.

Johan Overa

‘Forensic attention to detail’

While completing her application, as he was going over her bank statements, Johan picked up an anomaly – unnecessary fees she was being charged by her bank.

“I had no idea,” says Celia. “But I’ve since been able to get that fixed.” Celia says she liked Johan’s ‘forensic attention to detail’.

Admitting to not being a particularly strong ‘numbers’ person herself, Celia says she was comforted by Johan’s knowledge and competence and the fact that he kept her well informed at every step.

What does Johan Overa like most about this industry? Quite simply, the fact that it’s a free service for borrowers.

Johan Overa

Training and Recruitment Manager

Happy home owner

Happy home owner

“Even when Johan had to travel overseas halfway through the buying process, he remained in touch,”  she says. “ He still emailed me and I knew that even though he was out of the country he was keeping an eye on things.

I can’t fault his customer service, and in the end, everything went exceptionally smoothly. I have recommended him to a couple of friends, because I think he’s good at what he does. And he is exceptionally patient with first time buyers like me, who are going through the process not knowing what comes next.”

Celia says Johan also casually introduced her to a colleague after one of their meetings and suggested that if she ever wanted help with her superannuation, he would be the person to talk to.

“There was no pressure about it at all, and really I have been focused on the property purchase and moving, but I’m definitely keeping it in mind. I know that I can initiate that call at any time. And I trust Johan, so I’d be happy to talk to someone he has recommended. I genuinely feel like Johan has my best interests in mind and wants to make sure that I’ve got solid financial strategies in place for my future.”


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