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Charlie Hemmings

Senior Credit Adviser

Charlie is genuinely good at making people comfortable, and his gregarious personality makes him very easy to talk to, too.

 CR 484467 | ACL 501018

AWith a passion for food and wine and with a dad in the hospitality industry, Charlie earned a reputation for himself managing some of Sydney’s finest restaurants while he was studying at university.

Sometimes 16-hour days serving patrons had to also be combined with assignments and preparation for exams, but Charlie has no complaints.

“I loved the restaurant business. I still do. It’s so great to be around people and seeing them enjoy themselves,” and when he says this, you can tell he really means it.

“Plus, all those hours taught me commitment and a strong work ethic. I’m not afraid of putting in the hard yards,” he says.

Despite starting a degree in Commerce at Sydney University, Charlie switched over to construction management about half-way through, because he thought the latter would eventually be more ‘useful’.

As it turns out, he now has a role at Shore Financial as a credit advisor which combines a little of both.

“I like the financial side and the property side, but most of all I love working with people. I meet so many interesting people and families. It’s great to feel that I can help them to achieve something that’s really important to them, like home ownership or property investment.

I love working with the team at Shore Financial, too. I’ve had really clever, credible mentors who’ve helped me start to carve out a name for myself, and I feel like I’m just starting – there’s a whole lot of things I want to achieve as my career moves forward.”


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