Loyal Customers Hit by Interest Rate Rises

Recently the amount of interest people have been paying on their mortgages has increased by far more than the rate of inflation.

Ways to buy a home and get the most for your money

We’ve put together a list of the top ways to buy a home for entry, mid and high-level buyers.

Shore Financial Glossary

Talk the talk with our glossary of financial terms.

How to add value to your home come auction day

We’ve put together our favorite ways to add value to your home!

How to live in the suburb of your dreams

As the market gets tighter we are given less options and we more often than not no longer have the luxury of deciding which suburb we would like to buy a home. Check out our top tips on how to get around the money obstacle and one day buying in your preferred suburb. 

Buy to live or buy to invest?

With prices constantly on the up, is it better to buy to live or buy to invest?

4 Cs lenders look at when assessing a loan application

Ever wondered what your lender is looking for when approving your loan. Here are the 4 C’s major banks will scrutinise during your application.

4 ways to pay off your loan faster

It may be time to reconsider how you’re paying off your loan and try one of our top 4 ways to shave years off your loan!

What to consider when buying property with a 5% deposit.

Too risky, not possible, not worth it? Think again.

Investing in your family home – why you need to play the long game

How can the family home can play a critical role in increasing your financial security?

Bank vs. Broker: What is the better choice?

Bank vs Broker? That is the question. We’re counting down our top eight tips why using a mortgage broker can benefit you.

The rising stars of the mortgage industry revealed

MPA’s Young Guns 2017 revealed, with three Shore Financial brokers making the Top 30.

The Trump card

It started with the America Dream, put forward in often brash and terrible methods but for his constituencies, Trump was a sense of strength, a man they wanted to believe in.

Offset your savings to shave years and interest payments off your loan

Did you know there was a way to pay off your loan sooner and save potentially thousands of dollars in interest payments, but without making additional loan repayments?

2017 – what’s in store?

While we don’t have a crystal ball here at Shore Financial, we do have the economic outlook from the Australian Treasury. Here’s some key predictions of what the government is anticipating for the coming year.

2016 Market Wrap Up

Strong market demand has seen house prices continue to rise in major Eastern metropolitan markets, particularly Sydney (annual growth of 13%) and Melbourne (annual growth of 11%).

Was it easier to buy a home back then?

Along with death and taxes, there’s another certainty in life these days: as soon as there’s an article about housing affordability and the pressure it places on young families, there’ll be a deluge of comments from baby boomers about how they suffered through decades of high interest rates.

New Shore Financial Services

We’ve recently launched Shore Legal, our new in-house service offering a holistic approach for our valued clients.