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Aleisha Kerslake

Senior Associate

A self-confessed ‘maths nerd’, Aleisha developed her love of numbers through her dad, who also works in the finance industry.

“He was always showing me problems and stretching my mind. We’re very alike in our personalities and he just had a way of making maths fun for me,” she says.

So, when the time came to make decisions about further study at university, a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance won hands down over Aleisha’s other childhood dream – to be a doctor.

And, she says, she has absolutely no regrets.

Aleisha was the first female member of the Shore Financial team, joining when the company was in its infancy in 2013. Five years later, she still loves her job, every single day.

“It’s fast-paced; it’s always changing. We’ve had a booming property market; now it’s a little weaker. We’ve had high interest rates and lower interest rates, and now rates are on the move again. 

We’ve had many changes in regulation and reporting. Every day is different, every client is different, and there’s always, always a deadline.”

Aleisha’s vivacious personality has made her exceptionally popular with clients. She is highly organised and regardless of the pressure she might be under, there’s always a smile on her face.

Aleisha works closely with Director, Alex Nochlar.

She says the entire team has solid working relationships and also great friendships outside of work, too.

“We have each other’s backs – and that shows. We’re all fiercely loyal to each other and committed to making the company grow. It’s great to be part of a team that’s so vibrant and motivated to be the best it can be.”

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