George Fennel

Credit Adviser

About Me

George Fennel is passionate about building a reputation as a leading mortgage broker based on providing outstanding service to his clients. His determination is based on an innate competitiveness combined with a real sense of satisfaction gained from helping people achieve their financial goals.

George is known amongst his colleagues for being proficient and achieving fast turnaround times for the families and business people he helps. George has helped people buy their first home, get a larger home, refinance and expand their business.

George is a fully accredited mortgage broker and a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFFA). He holds a Bachelor of Business (UTS), a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and a Certificate IV in Financial Services.

Prior to Shore Financial, George was a successful Account Manager at IT giant Oracle, winning Oracle Sales Achievement Awards for three consecutive quarters. He looked after medium to large organisations across finance, New South Wales government, telecommunications and utilities.

This demanding role at Oracle required George to have superb product knowledge, exceptional customer service and exude professionalism at all times. Shore Financial saw these qualities in George and asked him to join the business. George himself saw the massive opportunity in mortgage broking, “I’m excited to be part of a rapidly growing business and it’s really motivating to be in such an energetic team.”

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