Christian Stevens

Sales Associate

About Me

Christian is passionate about building a reputation as a leading mortgage broker. In only a short period of time, he has proven to be a valuable asset to Shore Financial.

Prior to Shore Financial, Christian has been involved in the real estate industry for a number of years. This includes launching Australia’s fastest growing services app Whizz used by hundreds of sales agents and property managers across NSW which recently won best app design of the year. Christian has a sales and marketing background and thrives on meeting new people and building lasting relationships with his clients.

Christian holds a Diploma in Finance, Masters Business Administration (MBA) and is a Justice of the Peace.

“One of the key standout elements of Christian Stevens is his ability to summarise information, relay it into layman terms and recommend a series of approaches that are relevant to me. As a ‘small fish’ entering into property investment and being very green I could not have found a more well suited broker to advise and assist me on this pathway. Christian is very personable and always eager to help me understand the process.

With a clear and direct manner, and some humour added in to make it less daunting, Christian has effectively guided me through a process that was previously unknown to me making sure I felt supported and aware at all stages. When he prepared a spreadsheet that I now refer to as the ‘masterpiece’ many elements fell into place and I knew I was in very good hands to go forward. Christian took his time to establish trust and it was well deserved.

In addition to Christian’s excellence he also introduced me to his network of people related to the property industry. From time of talking to Christian through to purchasing a fabulous investment property as part of a bigger picture inspired by Christian’s guidance, I can barely believe it has only been five weeks from our first conversation to where I have now exchanged contracts on a property and am already looking forward to the future opportunities.

Christian’s contact details will be very readily passed onto my friends and family who may wish to pursue this direction also. I cannot recommend Christian more highly from the perspective of passion and care for his industry and clients – a fine and rare quality.”

Dale Pope

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