Anna Jiang

Sales Support Manager, Office of George Fennel

About Me

Anna Jiang is very passionate about the financial services industry and is a valuable addition to Shore Financial’s home loan broking business. Along with her fellow colleagues, she also plays an integral role in the smooth and efficient running of business operations.

Anna is a diligent, enthusiastic and highly organised individual who strives to meet deadlines. She delivers the highest quality service to her clients by ensuring every loan application is submitted and pre approved on time, promptly answering any of the clients’ questions or concerns as well as making sure settlement occurs on a timely basis without delay.

Previously Anna worked in the accounts department of an acting agency, often meeting clients on a regular basis. She enjoys interacting with people and she gains a great sense of achievement when her mortgage clients successfully purchase their dream home due to her contribution to the successful acquisition of their loans at the most desirable and suitable banking institution at great rates.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in accounting at Sydney University.

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